Movie Review: ‘Les Miserables Proves To Be A Winner

By Lauren H.

Edtior’s Note:  Spoiler Alert- If you have yet to see this movie, you may want to hold off reading this review until you have seen it.

All of you most likely have heard of the movie adaptation that recently came out in theaters of  ‘Les Miserables’. Based of of the book by Victor Hugo, the movie does a great job of bringing the characters to life. It takes place in France, during the late 1700’s to the early 1800’s. Hugh Jackman plays Jean Valijean, Anne Hathaway plays Fantine, Russel Crowe plays Javert,  and Amanda Seyfried plays Cosette. It is also a musical, and the movie is considered a musical drama. The main plot is that Jean is released from prison, after stealing a loaf of bread and getting put in the big house for nineteen years. He later gets into a stolen silverware mishap, but gets off the hook. Then he realizes he must become an honest and trustworthy man, and soon he becomes the mayor after inventing a brilliant invention.(And during the time changes his surname to Madeleine) It is a manufacturing process that brought the town glory.

Fantine, a young woman with an illegitimate daughter, Cosette, wants to get employed, so she begins to work at the manufacturing company that Jean (Madeleine) runs and operates. Later, the townspeople find out that she has an illegitimate daughter, so they fire her and she has to resort to prostitution in order to make any money. Later, Javert (a policeman) arrests Fantine for this, but Madeleine stands up for her. Then Fantine falls ill most likely because of all the stress, and Javert finds out all about Jean and his assumed name and his guilty past.

Before he was sent to prison for the second time, Fantine makes him promise to make sure Cosette is safe, since Fantine has the suspicion she may die soon. And sadly, she does. So when Jean is released for the second time from prison, he was able to find and buy Cosette from a family of scoundrels. Later they run away to hide, but Javert finds them so they are forced to relocate. Then low and behold, a young man named Marius falls in love with Cosette.

After a lot of mishaps, they eventually ended up married and happy, even though Jean is a little overprotective but its okay because he knows Cosette will be safe. Then, he dies in peace, knowing that he fullfilled his promise he made a long time ago to Fantine.

The movie was spot-on. The horse drawn carriages,the clothing attire~was perfect to go with the book’s description. The actors did a wonderful job, and hats off to the director, Tom Hooper, who brought this movie together and made it happen.

I highly recommend that everyone see this movie.   It was nominated for eight awards and won three which include Best Sound Mixing,  Best Make-up and Best Supporting Actress, Anne Hathaway. 

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