Awards Assembly Held To Honor Students

On Friday, February 15th, Grade Level Assemblies were held to honor students who selected for Student of the Month for December and January, Honor Roll (Click on this link to find the list of  Honor Roll kids , and our new awards-Leading By Example and Making a Difference.  Congratulations to all of the students honored and we hope to add even more students next time.

6th Grade

Lead By Example

John B. 6th Grade-Newman

John is a true leader.  He encourages, plans, and models all that needs to be done.  He was our class president and a great Santa Claus.


Kieran S. 6th Grade- Whittaker

Kieran is in my English class; he always turns in his work, is on-task in class, and participates. He is a great example for his classmates.


Cristian B.-6th Grade  Richmond

Cristian is always ready and willing to participate every day. His positive attitude influences those around him and energizes the classroom. Cristian leads discussions and inspires others to participate.


Jackie L.– 6th Grade  Ramirez

She has stepped in to support a new student and continues to help her get adjusted to our class. This shows her  kindness and helpfulness.  I appreciate her taking the lead to make this student feel welcome.


Asya B.– 6th Grade  Turner

Asya is an exceptional leader. She is always willing to help others and also challenges them to be better. She goes above and beyond what is expected.

Making a Difference

Noor A.   6th grade-Newman

The charmer.  She is always the spark in any class.  Noor you are making a difference.


Lauren W.-6th Grade- Ramirez

This girl is always positive. She is sweet, and kind, and steps up to assist in various duties in class. I really appreciate her willingness to help.  She really makes a difference by offering her support in class.


Lillica M.– 6th Grade   Pearlman

Lillica spends more time on eTUSD than I do, often answering the inquiries on my Frequently Asked Questions page before I even see them! Her responses are not only prompt, they are accurate and quite thorough. It’s a simple act, but it’s one that impacts many.


Will C. –6th Grade  Case

This student comes to class everyday with a friendly greeting, a smile, and a great attitude. I have observed this student to be kind to all, and has a good sense of humor. This student greets me every time I see him, and never leaves my room without saying goodbye. He just gets in and does things that need to be done with no expectation of a reward. My homeroom is a better place because he is a part of it.


Chloe B.– 6th Grade  Turner

Chloe has a great attitude toward life.   She always walks into class with a smile on her face, ready to accept any challenge.  Chloe isn’t afraid to ask questions.  For this reason, her peers respect her.


7th Grade

Lead By Example 

Kelly H.- 7th Grade    Nakamura

Kelly is great at taking charge and getting her classmates going on the class activity.  She also sets a great example to other students by always being responsible.  When she was out ill, she kept up with the class by doing the assignments at home, picked up worksheets and turned them in a timely manner.


Lillian (Lilly) Z. -7th Grade  Fujii

Lilly is a star student in her own right, but is also helpful with other students.  Lilly exemplifies leadership in the classroom, as she constantly assists other students with their math work.  She always comes to class with a positive attitude.  Congratulations, Lilly!


Gabriel D. -7th Grade  Pearlman

Gabriel is tremendously positive and enthusiastic, greeting me each day with a smile. He approaches every task with a positive attitude, even if it’s really challenging! He’s always willing and eager to help out, volunteering his time frequently. His positive outlook is truly infectious.


Michelle B.-7th Grade  Holtz

Michelle always has a  positive attitude in class and towards her work. She is respectful and willing to help others.  She is a real asset to my class.


Nick K.-7th Grade   Oden

Always helps out in any way he can and is a strong example for other students.


Jennifer R.– 7th Grade  Oden

Jennifer is always on task and is a strong leader for the other students.


Johnny N.-7th Grade  Kamiyama

Johnny actively participates in class daily to the best of his ability.  Johnny is willing to try new tasks he doesn’t know and then is willing to help his fellow classmates as they sometimes struggle.  He comes to PE excited, enthusiastic and ready to learn. Lastly, Johnny is extremely helpful as he helps bring in PE equipment every day.


Megan Y.– 7th Grade Bezich

Megan is a pleasure to have in class.  She comes in with a positive attitude every day ready to learn.  She always puts her best effort into all of her assignments.  She truly leads by example.


Making A Difference 

Charlotte P.-7th Grade  Whittakker

Charlee is in the leadership class on campus; she quietly does what she is supposed to be doing, and leads groups in class. She is a great example for her classmates.


Tyler S.-7th Grade  Willett

Tyler is a great help to others in the classroom. On a daily basis he is assisting other students with understanding of classroom activities and learning of new material. Tyler really helps to make a difference for his fellow classmates.


Kaitlyn G.– 7th Grade   Nakamura

Kaitlyn always has a positive attitude in class.  She gets along with every table group that she has worked.  She gets her group going on the activities and does a great job influencing her group to stay on task.


Samir M.-7th Grade Mufti

Samir is a always  positive, cooperative and willing to help peers. All his teachers have found him to be a conscientious student.


Elizabeth (Lizzie) S. -7th Grade  Fujii

In addition to being a star student, Lizzie is a kind, compassionate classmate.  Lizzie is quick to give compliments and can often be found helping others.  Lizzie is also a fun student to be around, and a fun student to have in my class!  Congratulations, Lizzy!


Matt B. 7th Grade- Malpede

Everyday, Matt enters my class with a smile on his face; his positive persona is contagious. While my 6th period can be rather challenging at times, it is students like Matt that make every day end on a positive note.

8th Grade

Lead By Example 

Bianca P.– 8th Grade Yu

She can be counted on to participate when appropriate and stay focused on task. This student demonstrates our school motto of respect and responsibility by fulfilling her assignments on time and sets a positive tone for learning in the classroom.


Gabrielle S.– 8th Grade Yu

This student demonstrates a high level of participation and effort. She displays responsibility and holds herself accountable by making up assignments when absent. She cares about her academics and is motivated to do her best work.


John (Will) A. -8th Grade  Fujii

Will is a fantastic student who is a true Leader by Example.  He works hard in class and helps others who need assistance.  He is always open to discussion in math, and takes an interest in learning new math concepts.  Will has been a star in my class for two years, and truly deserves this award.  Congratulations, Will!


Julia W.– 8th Grade Conner

Julia always displays a positive attitude, and she puts forth great effort in all that she does.  She is kind and helpful to everyone.  Julia is a pleasure to have in class.


Anthony C.-   8th grade  Malpede

Anthony is my T.A. and I can always count on him to help keep students on task and to assist struggling students with their learning; he does this without ever being asked to do so. My 6th period is a bit more manageable with Anthony there.


Carolina P.-8th Grade- Mufti

Carolina is always willing to help her peers. She has come a long way in her Math skills because of her perseverance. She is always positive and volunteers to help.


Enzo C.– 8th Grade  Petito and Kissner

Besides the classroom work of helping students with projects, distributing and inventorying supplies, keeping the place in order, he is available to do those extra jobs that make the classroom ecosystem operate smoothly. He also uses down time to study and review for classes, modeling behavior for younger students to emulate.


Enzo has stepped up as a student leader.  He came to me and asked how to improve his grade.  I told him to read the chapter.  After the next test Enzo improved his test score by two letter grades.

Making a Difference 

Trevor S.– 8th Grade  Sheu

Trevor strives to make a difference in school by assisting both staff and students on campus.  Whether it is helping teachers during the day, or being cooperative and respectful to peers in class, his actions make the lives of those around him easier.


Maheen R.-8th Grade Bezich

Maheen is an amazing TA.  She always comes into class ready to help out and keeps the teacher organized.  She anticipates what needs to be done ahead of time. Thank you for your help, Maheen.  You are truly making a difference.

Congratulations to all of the award winners.


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