College Week: Be True To Your School

Classroom doors were decorated as part of College Week March 11-18.  This competition brought out the talented artists of RMS.  Thank you to all who participated.

Frist Place- Ms. Kristl Holtz’s Homeroom



Second Place- Ms. Joelle Conner’s Homeroom


Third Place- Ms. Alison Newman’s Homeroom

Be True To Your School!

 By Amanda M.

Richardson Middle School’s annual college week was from March 11th to the 15th. This year, many activities were planned to educate students about colleges and their futures. The previous week, homeroom classes had decorated their doors with colors, mascots, and decorations of various colleges. Many homeroom students decorated their doors based on where their teacher went to college.

“I enjoyed decorating Mrs. Richmond’s UCLA door,” said Seventh Grader Emma M.

A lot of effort was put into the decorating, so some student council representatives went out to judge the top three doors. In third place was Mrs. Newman’s USC/UCLA door, in second place was Mrs. Conner’s LMU themed door and in first place was Mrs. Holtz’s Georgetown door, which featured pictures of her entire homeroom wearing her Georgetown sweatshirt.

On Monday and Tuesday, booths were set up at lunch featuring some popular California colleges like USC, UCLA, Berkeley, Stanford, and more. The booths had posters, information, and trivia games based on the colleges. Students were able to learn facts about colleges and get tips on how to get into a good school.

During SSR, teachers were given a link to a college video made by student council. The video featured tips about classes to take in 8th grade and high school as well as good study habits to improve grades.

Many students were glad that they could learn more about their choices for the future during college week.

“College week has inspired me to work harder in school so I can progress and get into a university,” said Eighth Grader Bianca P.

“College week was interesting. I learned different college names,” said Eighth Grader Tyler L.

“College week gave me a first-hand experience on what it takes to go to college or not go to college and [have a bad job],” said  Eighth Grader Kenny L.

The entire week brightened students’ awareness about college and the choices they will need to make to shape their futures.

“I think a lot of work went into college week, and it went really well,” said Eighth Grader Zara A, who was on the college week planning committee. “It was a bit chaotic, but turned out to be a success.”


Editor’s Note:  Thank you to Amanda M. and her team of Student Council Members for organizing College Week.  Did you know that they wrote to colleges weeks ahead of time and asked them to donate items for the students for our College Week?  Way to go Student Council!


Here are some other pictures from College Week. 

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