Let’s Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day!

By Lauren H.

Hello everyone! Did you know that St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner? With events like L.A. County Irish Fair and Music Festival, and South Bay St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival and many more, there are lots of ways to celebrate.

But have you ever wondered why we do or wear specific things on this day, March 17th? (AKA the Christian season of Lent, and the anniversary of death for Saint Patrick) We wear green because it is one of the three colors on the Irish flag.  Ireland is the “Emerald Isle” because of its rich greenery all around Ireland.

We also pinch people if they’re not wearing green because anyone caught not wearing green, as legend tells, fairies and fairy-like creatures will soon pinch them, so pinching others is a reminder that they will soon be pinched by the fairies.  As tradition goes, people living in Ireland wear crosses fixed to their hats threaded with green string. Shamrocks were tied onto clothing by once the lower class of people, but not many others do it as well.

Food is also a special treat on Saint Patty’s Day. We also eat potatoes, cabbage, and corned beef because that is what a lot of Irish people ate back in the day, and still what a lot of Irish people eat today.

Many people at RMS celebrate the holiday with special treats.

“I made a traditional meal for ten family members for Saint Patrick’s Day with corned beef and cabbage plus green jello and green tea.  We are Italian and Scotch, but we always celebrate this holiday”, said ELA Teacher Leslie Bezich.

The first parade ever held was actually in the United States, not Ireland.  In 1762, (March 17th) Irish soldiers enrolled in the English military marched around New York City, proud as can be of their heritage and culture. They spread what is now our tradition of having an annual televised St. Patrick’s Day parade.

Also, St. Patrick’s Day is not just celebrated here in the U.S. and in Ireland.  It’s a global event! Japan, Argentina, Singapore, all celebrating in their own unique ways.  Japan celebrates with large masses of people gathering in bars and varied locations all counting down to the day. In Argentina, people party and have a great time until all the way up to eight o’clock in the morning! In Singapore, St. Patrick’s Day is very important because it was once part of the British empire. People go into pubs and celebrate, just like in Japan.

So you see, Saint Patrick’s Day is a very important tradition all over the place- not just where we live.  How did you celebrate?  It is fun to be Irish for one day, even if you aren’t.

Chicago on St. Patrick’s Day

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