Japanese And Chinese Schools Meet On Saturdays

By Kristy L.

What do you do on Saturday mornings? Whether you’re watching TV, playing a sports game, or sleeping, you’ve probably never thought of going to school on a Saturday. Some people, though, are doing just that – and in a different language! On most Saturday mornings, Japanese and Chinese schools across the nation meet and start their day of learning. There are two chief Chinese and Japanese schools right here in Torrance. They are Torrance Chinese School and Asahi Gakuen Japanese School.
Torrance Chinese School, which takes place at West High, begins at nine o’clock on Saturday mornings with two sessions of normal Mandarin Chinese class and recess. Then, students in fourth grade and above participate in their extracurricular classes until school ends at twelve o’clock. Students starting from Kindergarten study with their classmates every year from September to June until high school. Students also get to have fun with special events such as the track meet and the Chinese New Year Talent Show.


Asahi Gakuen Japanese School, which takes place at South High on Saturdays, begins at 8:45 AM and ends at 3:30 PM. Students ranging from preschool to high school learn subjects such as math, social studies, science, and Japanese language arts during class-time. The textbooks that students use for each subject are written in Japanese, and it is just like our school. The only difference is that it is taught in a different language. The school, which starts in April and ends in March the next year, also hosts a sports day for the students to participate in.

Going to school on a Saturday may seem unnecessary or boring, but these students are learning important skills that will help them throughout life. Being fluent in two or more languages opens up many opportunities for you in the future, such as a wide range of careers and traveling chances.

If you want to learn a new language it’s not too late. Incoming Eighth Graders have the option of taking a language course at South High as an elective next year, and incoming South High freshmen all need to choose a foreign language course in which to participate. In addition to Chinese and Japanese, South High also offers Spanish, French, and Korean classes. Understanding multiple languages in an extremely important and beneficial ability.

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