Field Trips Make Learning Come Alive

Eighth Graders Go To The Museum of Tolerance

Editor’s Note:  Pictures are not allowed to be taken in the Museum of Tolerance.

Do we all have Tolerance? 

By Eric H.

People all across the world are not always tolerant with others. Most of the actions from being in-tolerable have been negative, but  this negativity has been turned around to do good.  Because of everything in our past, we now know what to fix and how to avoid it, even though we don’t always learn from the past. This is what many of people of the world have begun to realize. How can we all have tolerance?

One common problem with hearing about tolerance is that people don’t understand what it means to be “tolerant”. Being tolerant is showing respect for others’ rights, opinions, and practices. We are all different which means we all have different opinions. We all learn to accept these things about our peers; otherwise it could affect all of us in a negative way. It is important for us to learn to accept others for who they are and where they originate and finally make home.

One place where people are educating others about the history of being tolerant is the Museum of Tolerance (MOT). People can be taught about the past and how to prevent future events. Being tolerant is something we all can do and something we all need to learn.

The MOT is a great place for all ages. People can enjoy games, movies, artifacts, and rooms where participants can learn about tolerance.  Besides all of the watching parts, there are many listening parts too. People can listen to tapes and people giving tours.  This isn’t just an ordinary museum because it is a museum about the past, present, and future.


Seventh Graders Go To Medievel Times

Pictures by Seventh Grader Nathan A.



Sixth Graders Go To The Science Center

By Jocelyn H.

The Sixth Graders, had their field trip on Thursday, January 31st at the California Science Center. They saw lots of different exhibits, including the Space Shuttle Endeavour, organs and baby chicks.

One of the exhibits that we enjoyed was the Endeavour. It was placed in a huge warehouse. Although they couldn’t  go inside or touch the space shuttle, they got close up views and saw the vehicle at different angles. It was one of the fascinating sights.

This is a picture of the Endeavour.

There were also organs in a showcase, comparing human’s with other animals.

This is a human heart.

This is a cow’s heart.

They went into the World of Life. In there, they got to visit the Body Works, and a 50-foot mechanical woman named Tess taught them how important it is to keep your body in shape in a process called homeostasis. The Life Source was another interesting place in the World of Life. They all got a chance to see baby chicks and their eggs.

There were also preserved embryos and fetuses to shows us the human development. Students got to see a video of a real surgery being made in the Surgery Theater at Defense Line.

One of the places that everyone enjoyed was the Extreme Zone located in the Ecosystems. Students experienced how it feels in a desert area and in the poles. There was even a man-made flash flood in the desert area every ten minutes! Visitors could also go to see fish in tanks and touch some sea animals.

The field trip at the California Science Center was really exciting and students a lot of knowledge about several different topics.

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