8th Graders Practice For Next Matchup Against Calle

By Amanda M.

After narrowly losing to Calle in volleyball on February 27th, the RMS Eighth Graders are preparing for their rematch later this month in basketball. A lot of Eighth Grade boys and girls enjoy playing in a Torrance Parks and Rec league at Wilson Park. They play on weeknights for fun, exercise, and some extra practice.

“My favorite part of the team is we’re not too competitive. We play for fun,” said Allie M.

Some just play for the love of the game.

“All of our players (my teammates) love the game, so we’re glad to do something we love. We’re all like brothers and work to win,” said Kenny L., nicknamed “Linsanity” on the court.

The Eighth Graders are sad to see their seasons with Torrance come to a close, knowing the league ends after 8th grade. However, both teams are going out on a high note with a record of 6-1 so far this year.

“[Basketball is] a great way to have fun, get exercise, and hang out with your friends. I’m excited to play with my friends in the Calle vs. Richardson game,” said Julia H.

Although there are only a couple more games in their basketball seasons, many of the Eighth Graders consider the upcoming Calle vs. Richardson matchup to be their real last game as team.

“Winning the Calle vs. Richardson [game] is going to be challenging, but we have a great team so we’ll pull through,” said Taylor B.

Some students are ready for the challenge.

“Beating Calle will be a piece of cake,” said Jordan T, while taking a break from his noon-leagues basketball game at lunch.

Eighth Graders at Richardson see basketball as a fun, team-building sport where they can hang out with friends and get some exercise at the same time. Hopefully, their hard work will pay off later this month. Good luck, RMS!



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