Movie Review: Pitch Perfect A Must See Rental

By Hadley C.

If you like fun music, quirky characters and a good plot then Pitch Perfect is for you. It is a musical comedy directed by Jason Moore with a screenplay by Kay Cannon.

Anna Kendrick, the high school friend of Bella in the Twilight series, plays a college freshman named Beca that is looking for a way to fit into something.  Her Dad is a professor at the college and he tells her to find a way to have some experiences and make memories.  Her one true interest is music and mixing music, so she stumbles into an acapella gal group, The Barton Bellas.

Beca is an independent character and sometimes would rather be in her dorm room with ear phones than with other students.  The Barton Bellas bring out a side to her she didn’t know she had.  Anna Kendrick not only can act, she is also an awesome singer.  Other memorable characters include Fat Amy, (that’s what she calls herself).  She has unbridled enthusiasm for singing and keeps us laughing throughout the movie.

Many people in the teens loved this movie, but also adults loved it too! Although it may be shooting for a teen crowd, all ages will laugh their heads off and can enjoy the music throughout the movie.

” I love this movie.  It kept me laughing every time I saw it!” said Eighth Grader Karin S.

Other students like this movie too.

“I am in love with this movie. I have seen it nine times and every time I laugh!” said Eighth Grader Luke P.

According to some students, this movie makes you want to dance.

“After the movie I just wanted to get up and start dancing all around town,” said Eighth Grader Jinny P.

Well there you have, the newest raving comedy. So if you at your house and you want to get something on iTunes, then go on a rent for only $3. You will not regret it!

This movie is rated PG-13.

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