Tropico 4 Modern Times Expansion Pack: A Game Review

By David C.

Some people know how fun Tropico 4 is. For people who don’t know what It is, its a PC game in which you rule the fictional country of Tropico as a dictator in the 1950’s.For more information see my article on Tropico 4 in a past edition of The Latest Hiss. You manage its treasury and build industry.

Now think of how fun it would be if it had more modern technology. That makes fishing, farming, mining, housing, pollution, unemployed uneducated people, and infrastructure much easier to deal manipulate. This is Tropico 4 Modern Times expansion pack.

Expansion packs are add-ons which are made for a previously made game to make it even more fun. Note the expansion packs only have add-on programs and don’t contain the main game at all. In order to play this pack you will have to buy Tropico 4 first then purchase the expansions.

This is the case with most expansion packs.  This expansion pack adds many new buildings like bio farms which allow you to grow all three cash crops in one work mode that replaces three separate farms! The best thing about this pack includes a sequel to the base Tropico campaign mode (A.K.A, story mode).

This campaign mode is shorter than the base game but has even more silliness. In this you have to deal with an evil old UN Leaderboard inspector lady, multiple clones of Penultimo, a sheep powered mind control device, and a crazy USSR general who wants to invade Alaska! This allows for even more insanity than the base game of Tropico 4! There are new edicts like police state, fertilize, and ban social networks (A.K.A, Facebook etc.). There are even more wacky remarks from Penultimo and Sunny on TNT radio A.K.A. Tropico News Tonight (when you build a building a wacky remark is broadcast on the local radio for you to listen).

So, if you play Tropico 4 this is a must have. If you don’t play Tropico 4 or Tropico 4 Modern Times go and try a demo and see if you like it or just get the game if you are interested.

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