March Madness Hits RMS April 2nd

By Eric H.

Could you feel the stands shaking and the crowds yelling? Tuesday, April 2, RMS held their annual RMS vs. CMMS Basketball game. With both teams practicing for weeks, you could only hope for a great game. Not only was it a great game, it was a fabulous turn out. Both RMS and CMMS had unbelievable spirit, which could only mean it would be a night to remember. Who were you cheering for?

Here at RMS our basketball team has been meeting weekly. With their great attitudes and skill, players were bound to perform well when it counted. With our best students playing basketball at this big event, we all had to help spread the word of the big night. That’s why RMS had their annual Pep Rally. You wouldn’t believe how much the crowd got “pepped up!” You could barely hear over the speakers beating in your ear.

When that start of the game whistle blew, all students could think about was, who is going to win? Both teams had very intimidating players for boys and girls.

The action started with the girl’s game which was quick and powerful and in the end the scores were far spread.  But what team was it? The RMS girls had brought home another victory scoring at 39 to 20. The game started out with RMS in the lead and those fierce girls would get the ball taken away. But in the end, the girls did great and pulled off a victory!

Halftime brought people to the pizza line.  Shortly after, people went rushing back to their seats. They didn’t want to miss the intense game that was coming their way. The ball was flying through the air and before anyone knew it, RMS was in the lead by more than anyone had expected. Just during the first half of the game, the boys were in the lead by more than 15 points. That number kept on going higher and higher.

Towards the end CMMS did begin to catch up, but it wasn’t enough. The ending score was 55 to 37. With that great score, you could only expect great cheers. The Calle kids may not have been happy but the RMS students were all you could hear. RMS had another victory!

This event is always a great way for RMS and CMMS to get money for the schools and to get the kids excited for a school event. These events are also a great way to get students from RMS and CMMS to meet each other. We are all going to be on the “same side” next year at South as freshmen.

Do you have game?  RMS does!

Thank you to coaches Jeff Oden and Lauren Kamiyama for a wonderful and entertaining event.

Thank you to the parents who helped man the Snack Bar and sold RMS gear and tickets.

Thank you to all of the players for putting in so much time.  We all appreciate your hard work!

Boys Team Players-Jacob A., Justin C., Torrance C. Matthew D., Christian L., Riley S. Evan T., and Jordan T.

Girls Team Players-Taylor B., Hadley C., Julia H., Brittany L., Amanda M., Alexandra M., Fiona P., Gabrielle S., and Lauren T.

Pictures that follow were taken by Eighth Grader Eric H.
Pictures that follow were taken by Principal Chad Mabery.
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