Poetry Corner: Poems By Lauren H.

Did you know that April is Poetry Month?  Do you have a poem you would like to share in the newspaper?  Please email it to lbezich@etusd.org.  In the meantime, enjoy these poems by Eighth Grader Lauren H.


Ode to the No.2 Pencil


Wooden pencil, how you shine

Working your magic on my piece of paper

Drawing my artwork in neat, straight lines

Into a gorgeous skyscraper


Making tests so easy

Circling in the little bubbles

I have to admit, tests make me a little queasy

But with you, I have no troubles


Pink eraser on top

Makes my mistakes go away

Always working nonstop

Never in disarray


Only dependent on you

Thank you for existing

Best when you’re new

Hopefully you’ll always be there, assisting.




Flee far away!

It’s here


And I haven’t studied!

Looks like I’ve got to hit the books

So I’ll get a good grade!


Rhyming Poem


Chicken and fries

Oh, what a prize

This meal is as wise

As is tasty; it implies

A fun surprise!



Schoolyard  After Summer Vacation


Kids running about

Excited to see their friends

Exchanging schedules

Happy and jittery too

Ready for whatever comes





Brainstorming ideas

Pens making marks

Expressing intellect of today


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