Students Honored At Grade Level Assemblies

On Thursday, April 25th, Grade Level Assemblies were held to honor students who selected for Student of the Month for February and March, Honor Roll (Click on this link to find the list of  Honor Roll kids , and our new awards-Leading By Example and Making a Difference.  Congratulations to all of the students honored and we hope to add even more students next time.

6th Grade

Lead by Example Award Winners

Abigail E. -Newman

Abby is a strong leader in every aspect. She is benevolent to all. There is always a smile on her face and caring in her voice. She considers all the angles to every situation before she makes a decision. Her decisions are for the good of the group. And she takes responsibility for her choices and decisions. That is a true leader!

Kareese A. – Case

This student walks in the door ready to actively learn and contribute to our class. This student looks for more information on something we discussed in class, or for interesting facts, websites, or just words that we can discuss. Our class is a better place with…Kareese A. in it!

Bailey S. –Mufti

Bailey sets an example for the class by doing the right thing in terms of behavior, effort and overall positive modeling.

Reagan C. – Richmond

Reagan takes an active leadership role in leading class discussions. He contributes his ideas and defends his views. Those around him are encouraged to step up to the plate and participate. He carries the load for those who do not dare. PARTICIPATE…RIGHT OR WRONG…DARE IF YOU CARE. We want your opinions in Social Studies. You are future citizens. It is all a matter of opinion. And it all matters.

Kathryn N.- Kissner

She is a true leader in class. She helps all students and works well with students with special needs. She leads by example every day.

Lauren L. — Turner

Lauren always displays a positive attitude. She works hard in class
and is kind to everyone. If someone needs help she is the first one
to volunteer with a smile on her face. She always participates in
class discussions and takes interest in learning new concepts. Lauren
is not only a great leader, but a wonderful person.

Mashaila P.- Case

This student enters my room for math, not everyone’s favorite subject, with a great attitude every day. She is willing to try and has even found that there are some topics in math she likes. She has never given up, she just keeps working, and being a positive member of our class. I am so proud of Mashaila P., and am happy to award her my Lead by Example award.

Making A Difference Award Winners

Kristin K. – Newman

Kristin is the sunshine in our class. She is always smiling, saying good morning to all, singing and bringing happiness, silliness and fun to our classroom. She makes every class she is in a little better by being herself. She affects everyone in the class and that is a gift. Kristin is making a difference.

Will C. – Case

This student has a warm greeting and a smile for everyone around. If something needs to be done, I turn around and it has been done, quietly and well. This student seeks out ways to make things go more smoothly and make the class better.  Even the students notice the difference made by this classmate. As a matter of fact, they recently said he would be the student most likely to rescue all of us in an emergency. The student who makes a difference is my classes and is our hero is…Will C.

Stephan Y.—Richmond

I cannot imagine a more positive individual. If it is raining, he will say the sun will shine tomorrow. If the test is tomorrow and there are two others to study for, he will say, “Well, I will have to study harder for one night.” The magnetic positive energy off one person can make such a difference and he does in the classroom! Our class smiles every day he is present.

Erin W.- Kissner

Erin W. makes a difference each day. She is a cheerful and happy student. She helps to keep other students on task, and is concerned about the welfare of others .

Matthew T. – Turner

Matt is an incredible kid. He came to this school in September not
knowing anyone and immediately made friends. Unfortunately, he had to
leave the country in November for 3 months due to a family emergency.
When he came back, he managed to catch up in all of his classes. Not
only did he make honor roll this quarter, he got a 4.0.

Kiko P. and Melanie K. –  Whittaker

Melanie and Kiko go out of their way to interact with students with special needs on this campus. They make an effort to make these students feel welcome and a part of the RMS community. Their kindness has made a huge impact on these students.

Stephanie P.- Case

This student is making a difference in my classes (math and science) the moment she enters the room. She is a positive person, and she participates in group and classroom activities and discussions appropriately. She often has her hand up, and she always waits her turn to participate. I enjoy calling on her. She is very responsible, and takes care of my bin on recycling days. I am so happy to recognize Stephanie P. as my Making a Difference award winner for the third quarter.

6th Grade Assembly

7th Grade

Lead By Example Award Winners

Daisy G.—Petito and Oden

For being gracious and helpful, managing a complex set of tasks, and being an example to peers while demonstrating poise and confidence, this Lead By Example award is given to Daisy G.  -Petito

Daisy always does a great job leading by example and encouraging other students. She always is willing to help out.  -Oden

Tyler S.—Richmond

He is always willing to participate and take the lead in any activity. He brings positive energy and attitude to the class every day.

Anthony R. — Bezich

This student comes into class prepared and ready to learn. He leads by example every day and is kind to everyone. He is truly a pleasure to have in class. He will do very well in upcoming grades because of his organizational skills and his enthusiasm for learning. Congratulations to Anthony R. for Leading By Example.

Julie C. – Fujii

Julie is a wonderful student who works hard and completes all of her assignments. Beyond that, she is a positive influence in class and works very well with her peers. Her classmates love working with her, as she always has a positive attitude in class. Congratulations, Julie!

Ashley K. – Fujii

Ashley brings a positive energy to Mr. Fujii’s 6th period class. She works hard to finish her work in class every day, and she is willing to help other students when needed. Ashley is also a fun-loving student who keeps the whole class positive. Thank you, and congratulations Ashley!

Charlotte (Charlie) P.- Oden

A strong team leader who always has a positive attitude and is always encouraging her teammates.

Making A Difference Award Winners

Mohammad C. – Fujii

Mo is a hard-working student who brings a quiet confidence to class. He works well with other students and helps classmates when needed. While he isn’t a loud, outspoken leader, Mo is well-respected by his classmates. When Mo speaks, other people listen. Congratulations, Mohammad!

Jesse M. – Mufti

He is always polite and helpful to peers and teachers. He helps in an understated way.

Hollord C. – Richmond

He is an active participant who is the glue that keeps my class together and on task. Every day is a good day with him in my class.

Sam V.- Holtz

Sam is Making a Difference in my classroom. He often offers to say something that is insightful and moves the lesson along.

Josiephine B. – Mufti

For making a difference. Nicole is kind, helpful and supportive of her peers.

7th Grade Assembly

8th Grade

Lead by Example Award Winners

Ryan V. – Kamiyama

Ryan demonstrated excellent leadership qualities this quarter as he could often be found helping his classmates learning dances and getting them involved. Ryan would go over to his classmates, who were hesitant, and get them to dance. Whether it was helping them with the dance steps or helping them stay on beat, Ryan was a big help in class. Before you knew it, his classmates were dancing away. Ryan is also a great citizen of our earth and Mrs. Malpede would be proud of Ryan. Ryan is often asking if he can go recycle a bottle he picked up. Ryan’s leadership is growing and hopefully it will continue to grow.

Jenna M. – Fujii, Conner

Jenna Morton is a leader in her math class. She asks great questions in class, helps others, and works hard to learn new material. She helps others to learn not only by directly helping them, but by asking questions that other students might be afraid to ask. Congratulations, Jenna!–  Fujii

Each and every day, Jenna displays a positive attitude. Her effort is outstanding. Jenna has recently improved her class participation, and she strives daily to improve her English skills. I greatly appreciate her hard work and positive behavior. — Conner

Matt D. – Fujii

Matt is a wonderful student who works extremely hard in class. He seeks help from others when necessary, but is also always willing to help his classmates. Matt is also an excellent TA who is always willing to get some food for Mr. Fujii. When Matt speaks, other students listen. He truly displays leadership qualities. Congratulations, Matt!

Michael Q.– Yu

He is an accomplished student who helps his fellow peers to stay focused and directs them to the task at hand, often helping his seat partner locate answers to questions while exercising great patience and tolerance. He leads others by modeling excellence in academics as well as appropriate behavior. His quiet demeanor and kindness is appreciated. It is with great pleasure that I extend this award to Michael Q.  Yu

Evan T. – Whittaker

He is the student council president and consistently shows great leadership qualities. He plans and participates in school activities, and helps run the student council class. Overall, he has set a great example for all students to follow at RMS.

Alyssa S.– Willett

This student is a role model in class. She is always prepared to work. She asks questions before, during and after class, as well as attending after school rehearsal on a weekly basis. This student even took on the additional task of learning a new instrument to help out the entire band. Congratulations Alyssa S.!

Making a Difference Award Winners

Nathan C.– Holtz

Nathan is making a difference in my day.  He is always positive and respectful and brightens my day.

Brittney L. – Yu

What would my day be without this student? She is actively involved in the RMS community by participating in Leadership and playing for the RMS basketball team. Her cheerful demeanor is a positive contribution to the class and to her classmates. She displays patience and understanding towards her fellow peers and is respectful to teachers and staff. It’s a great pleasure to present the award to Brittney L.

Alexandra (Allie) M.- Sheu

Allie is a student who positively contributes to the people in her class. She often works behind the scenes to facilitate classroom activity and is always eager to prepare materials for others.

Mustafa A.- Rodriguez

This student is always on task. He is generous and patient with his table partners. He is always willing to help a fellow student when he can, putting their needs s before his own. Congratulations, Mustafa!

Sebastian D.– Willett

This student is involved in many activities on campus, being a member of Recycling Club, Jazz Band, and Drum line. They are always willing to help out other students, as well as offering to help Ms. Willett constantly. Congratulations Sebastian D.!

Trajan M. – Bezich

This student studied a piece of literature in class and decided to take the information a step further. He researched the people in the play and found out what happened to them after they left the annex which was their home for so long. This student typed out the information he found and then showed the teacher. It was copied and shared with the entire class. Because of this student’s extra effort, he most definitely made a difference in our ELA class. Thank you, Trajan M. for taking those extra steps to teach us all something.

Deana T.- Fujii

Deana is a hard-working student who always gives 100% in class. She works hard to make up work when she has been absent. Deana is kind and considerate of others, and is respected by everyone on campus. She has also made a difference on campus as a fantastic office TA. It has been a pleasure to teach Deana for the last two years. Congratulations, Deana!

8th Grade Assembly

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