Sportscaster Stiffel?

By Lauren H.

A member of the Richardson Middle School staff for three years, the teacher for the Special Day Class-grades Sixth through Eighth. She adores all her students and does her best to help them and cares for them as much as they need and/or want.

Stiffel is a mother of two sons ages twenty-two and twenty-four.  As a lover of sports, Stiffel is a big supporter of her hometown teams-The Bears, The Bulls, The Cubs, and the White Sox. Actually, she says if she was not a teacher, she would want to be a sportscaster. Interesting!

Stiffel is a lover of Mexican food, the color red, the television show Scandal, The Sound of Music movie, and Maui, Hawaii.

Her favorite book to read is The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho. She likes to read in her spare time, and  travel to visit her parents who currently live where she grew up in Chicago, Illinois. She actually attended University of Illinois in Champaign Urbana, Illinois. But after moving to California, she attended California State University Dominguez Hills.

One of her biggest pet peeves is people who snap their chewing gum. But other than that, she describes herself as “very easygoing”.

So be sure if you ever see her in the hallways, say hello and maybe even strike up a conversation about sports or books. She would be very interested to hear your opinions.

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