8th Graders Sign Up For SHS Classes

By Kristy L.

On April 16th and 17th, Richardson Eighth Graders met with their assigned counselors to plan for their upcoming freshman year at South High. Eighth Graders were buzzing with excitement as they began to map out their plan for the future.

Each student was allowed to select their required courses based on their ability levels and interests.

For mandatory classes such as Math, Science, and English, students chose to take either honors or regular classes.  Advanced students who already have a head start in Mathematics and Science at South High will be continuing on to higher level courses.

Other required classes, such as Health and Physical Education also have options within them.

Karishma S., who loves to play tennis, decided to try out for South High’s Tennis Team.

“I think being a part of a team will make high school fun and help me improve my skills,” said Karishma S.

Eighth Grader Fiona T. is looking forward to taking Dance next year at South as her Physical Education activity.

Others are looking forward to trying out for different sports teams or performing the Drill Team, Pep Squad, or Band class.

Health is a one semester class, so freshmen can chose to take Health and the Intro to Media of Health and then World Geography. If students take Health class over the summer and make room in their schedule, they will be able to take additional elective classes.

South High offers French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese classes as language elective courses. Eighth Grader Lauren H. decided to take Spanish as her elective because she thinks that it is a practical language to learn, especially in Southern California. She also believes that learning and using another language will be fun.

Along with language courses, students with extra room in their schedules can also take classes from the categories of Career Technical Education, Social Science, and Fine Arts. Being a self-proclaimed “history geek”, Eighth Grader Lily B. is taking AP Human Geography, a Social Science course, because she likes history and social science classes.

Another elective that South High has to offer is the Speech and Debate class during zero period. This class requires an interview and tryout, but many students are hopeful and eager to join the class.

Congratulations, Eighth Graders, for almost making it through RMS and getting ready for SHS!

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