Campus Beautification Workday is this Saturday, May 4.  This is a fun, service opportunity for our school.  Please encourage our students participate and make a lasting difference.  We are looking for beginner to experienced volunteers. 

Last year our site was sponsored by a construction company and it was quite the event.  This year will be significantly scaled down, as we will only be taking on a few projects.  This year’s projects are a library makeover (paint, redecorate, and build book checkout counter), landscaping (remove hillside weeds, trash pickup), and exterior painting (touch up paint around campus, paint the front entrance chain link fence). 

As we found last year, this is also a good time to clean up classrooms.  With the help a few volunteers, several teachers took a few hours last year to move large items around the classroom and recycle large quantities of old books and worksheets that had gathered dust or lost in a cabinet over many years. 

Hope to see you there!   If you are interested in volunteering for the projects, please fill out the following form:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1GrJl9Fl2-jWl2FXO3Imw47KI3C43e4P_YzgZRfWFQRc/viewform  

Taken From Weekly Memo By Chad Mabery


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