Jared and Cameron Run Torrance City Council Meeting

Congratulations to Cameron L. and Jared K., essay winners for the Students and Government Day. They participated yesterday in running the monthly Torrance City Council meeting.  Great job, guys!

The essay contest asked students to write a new city law for Torrance.  The following are law ideas that won Jared and Cameron a seat on the City Council for a day.

“All public places, such as parks, plazas, and shopping centers, must have a designated area where bicycles can be safely and securely locked out of the way of pedestrians,” said Jared. K.

“I did my essay on the tree ordinance and how trees should be cut on a yearly basis to ensure a proper view for an expensive house.  The law would be based on the Palos Verdes tree law that goes through stages:  ask nicely, go to court, and depending on whether the complainer won or not, take further steps,” said Cameron L.

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