6th Grade is Mad for Math!

By Frances T.

Have you noticed some students around RMS with brightly colored bandanas? They are 6th Graders proudly displaying their team pride. The entire 6th Grade Class has been divided into 8 teams: Radii, Graphs, Proportions, Percents, Triangles, Outliers, Bases, and Box-and-Whisker Plots. In each of the 6th Grade math classes, these students are reviewing twenty-one of the topics they have studied this year at “Math Stations”.

Every few days, they assemble into their teams and use their math problem solving and calculating abilities to compete on “Game Day” earning points for their team. Each team is represented in every period, and Math Teachers, Mrs. Lisa Case and Mrs. Wendy Turner, post the points earned after a day of competition. At the end of the madness, students will have reviewed and prepared to take their CSTs, and reflected on their learning this year.

“The students are taking responsibility for their own learning and reviewing. They are working together well and I enjoy listening to their math conversations,” said Case.


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