Band Prepares For Parade

By Eric H.

Have you heard the RMS Band stomping their feet preparing? The Armed Forced Day Parade is having their annual parade honoring people who have fought in war. With hundreds preparing, people can only hope for the best parade to see. RMS is one of the hundreds preparing. The Band has been marching and learning their music at a swift speed this year. That hasn’t stopped anyone though. They have been practicing and are ready to march in the parade. The RMS Band is going to be attending, are you?

Since the Armed Forces Day Parade is honoring the armed forces, you might be lucky and see some people who fought. People all across Southern California are waiting for some stories and to see some unique vehicles. Last year, people were able to see many bands, soldiers, and a few war vehicles. We could get lucky this year too.  People who have fought or prepared for war have marches too!

Unlike the RMS Band, the soldiers have hundreds or even thousands of hours of practice. That’s means they have it down. The RMS Band only has a double digit number of marching time, but they come with power. Come support RMS and your local schools.  Come watch the Armed Forces Parade!

Editor’s Note-On Saturday, May 18th, the RMS Band will march in the Armed Forces Day Parade.  This parade is an annual event in the city of Torrance.  It runs along Torrance Boulevard from Crenshaw Boulevard to Madrona Street. The parade begins at 1:00PM.  Get your seats early. This is always a popular and well-attended parade to honor our service men and women.

Click on the links below and watch the RMS Band practicing for the parade.

Band Video 1

Band Video 2

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