ELA Extravaganza Makes Learning Fun

By MiMi B.

Designed after the Math Madness the Sixth Graders are doing this year, the ELA Extravaganza is a four week review of the year’s material.

“It is a fun way to make learning a competition,” said ELA Teacher Mrs. Leslie Bezich.

Students are given a calendar with review day lessons, punctuation practice days, a poetry Scavenger Hunt Day, Study Island Competitions, tests and quizzes, and games to earn their teams points.  Four to five students are on a team and all members must be involved in all aspects of the competition to help their team earn points.

Teams are ranked according to their points and prizes are given every few days.  Prizes consist of food treats and special passes called Beat The Crowd.  Students may use the passes or turn them in for extra points on their personal grades at the end of the year.

On each review day, students are asked to rate themselves on learning targets, also based on its Math Madness model, but in this case for ELA standards. For example, one of the targets might read ‘I can idenitify themes in a story”.  Students rate themselves on a scale from 1-4, 4 being highest.  4 means “I feel I can teach this”.  3 means “I feel I can do it”.  2 means ” I get stuck”.  Finally, 1 means “There is No Way I can do this”.

Learning targets are rated before the review and then after the review quizzes and games.

“I have seen a great growth in the kids.  They may have scored themselves a 1 and later in the week, they score themselves a 4.  Sometimes kids stay at the same number, then it is my responsiblity to work with that student individually to get them to at least a 3,” said Bezich.

The final week of ELA Extravaganza is designed to go over the lessons where students feel they need a little more help.  This may look different in every class.  One class may need more help with colons and semicolons, whereas another class might need more help with root words.  This system also allows for individualized learning. The students work on what they personally need with the teacher there to help.

The end of the ELA Extravaganza will finish up with an Ice Cream Party for the top teams in each class.  Every day moves the team rankings and no one knows who will win.  One test or competition can send a team into first place from last place.  Who will win?  Winners will be announced on May 24th and the Ice Cream Party will be held the following week.

Participants, keep up the good work!

May 14th, students participated in a Poetry Scavenger Hunt.  Students were asked to go to different people on campus to collect slips of paper and then do what was written on the paper.  Most of the slips asked students to write something about poetry while others stated to take photos.  Above, you will see the photos they took during the hunt.

Photos were taken by students in Bezich’s ELA classes with iPads as well as smart phones.

Thank you to the following people who played along with the Scavenger Hunt…your patience is endless and your support is priceless and much appreciated. 

Chad Mabery (The King Rattler), Justine Lang (The Judge), Shelley Stallings (The Gatekeeper), Priscilla I. (The Body Counter), Lauren Kamiyama (The Body Builder), Sara Pearlman (The Book Collector), Joseph Q. (The Safety Monitor), Big Bill (The Enforcer), Sonny (The Pine Soul Man), Lynda Williams (The Bookworm Tech) and Leslie Bezich (The Ghost Writer).


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