Students Are Preparing For Upcoming Tests

By Lauren H.

Summer is around the corner and school is coming to an end shortly. Everyone knows what that means…CST (California Standards Tests) testing, end of unit tests, and finals.

Huge tests at the end of the year that tests your knowledge on what you learned this year, and for the eighth graders, testing your knowledge for all three years that you have attended Richardson Middle School in Social Studies are coming to RMS soon.

Teachers are all introducing different ways on how to review for these tests and the end of the year-review worksheets, CST study guides, and chapter reading.

Math Teacher Ms. Jessica Rodriguez put together stations to go over all the math concepts of the year, so students can get help for what they need help in and are able to ask questions.

Math Teachers Mrs. Lisa Case and Mrs. Wendy Turner are reviewing with kids using a model called Math Madness (see post titled 6th Graders are Mad for Math).

ELA Teacher Mrs. Joelle Conner is planning to make all the end of the year assignments twice as many points as earlier in the year as she reviews with the students, and Science Teacher Mr. Andrew Kissner is now giving review chapter tests in order for students to be prepared for the CST’s.

ELA Teacher Mrs. Leslie Bezich has created ELA Extravaganza (see post with same title) to review with students. Other teachers have more traditional reviewing routines, but are having students practice and review for the upcoming state tests.

In most eighth grade classes, a final of some kind is being given to the students.  Giving finals in eighth grade is a relatively new practice, but it is to get students ready for high school when they have finals in all of their classes.

Studying for finals and studying for the CSTs are very similar as they all have to do with the California Standards for each subject.

Studying isn’t fun for the students, but we all have to do so in order to do well on the tests. If students keep in mind those test taking tips given to you in SSR, they will do just fine!

Good luck everyone!

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