Video Game Forecast

By David C.

The next wave of Nintendo games is coming and there are so many new titles. Here are a few newly out and some to be released.

For those fans of Luigi’s Mansion (an old Game Cube game) you are in luck. After  twelve years since the first Luigi’s Mansion Nintendo has released the first sequel, Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon. There are very large differences between the first Luigi’s Mansion and the new one. The first one tried to be the only Nintendo horror game which had excellent lighting that made the graphics very detailed, however the sprites themselves didn’t have so much detail. The second game is more of a comedy and has lots of highly funny animated sprites.  The lighting, however, is not as good as the original game but the sprites might be much more detailed. I recommend trying both games if you have a GameCube and 3DS.

Next is Pokémon X and Y. This is the newest generation in the Pokémon series with new Pokémon as usual. The only thing that is unusual is that this game has three dimensional sprites! In most Pokémon games the camera is looking down at the pixelated hero and the hero engages in battles with 2D sprite Pokémon. Not any more, this game centers around a 3D hero as he engages in battles with Pokémon models similar to the models in the Pokedex 3D (a downloadable Pokedex from the Nintendo E shop) that are fully animated and physically perform moves compared to the original system of minimal moving of the 2D sprite.

After that some games to be released are, The Legend of Zelda 3DS, and Yoshi’s Island 3DS.This information was found on Look on Amazon for further details. The Legend of Zelda 3DS… my best guess about what this game is  judging by  the pictures on Amazon,  it’s a remake of The legend of Zelda A Link to The Past for Game Boy Advance or a game that includes it and multiple other remakes.  Next is Yoshi’s Island 3DS. I have no idea what this game is about but I guess it’s the sequel to the one published in 2006, or a new story.

Finally there is Mario and Luigi Dream Team and Animal Crossing a New Leaf.

Mario and Luigi Dream Team is the newest addition to the Mario and Luigi saga. As of yet there is nothing on the story but here is some gameplay information. This saga is different than the usual Mario game. In this game you control Mario and Luigi as they travel around a 3D map. If you touch an enemy you engage in turn based combat. In this game you for some reason  play in Luigi’s dreams and can manipulate the dream landscape by messing with Luigi’s face in reality with the touch screen.

Finally there is Animal Crossing a New Leaf. For those who are not familiar with this series, It is a real-time town simulation. This title is similar to the Animal Crossing that was published in 2006 but this one has a new twist. In this one you become the new mayor of the town! You can build new shops and place them too. (I think you can place them…it’s a guess). This allows you to build your own town the way you want. As an extra twist you can now swim! This is what most likely all of the first game players may have wanted.

Check out Amazon for further information.

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