Poetry Corner: Lauren H. Featured

By Lauren H.


Sunshine on my face

The mere warmth of it all makes

Anyone happy


Blooming Flower

The flower blooming

Is such a majestic sight

That you stop and stare.


Dear Busy Girl

Dear Busy Girl,

With so many things on her mind

Never finding time to relax

Why can’t you just be happy

For once in your life?


Dear Busy Girl,

Can’t you see how, how many people

Want to help you

In your time of need

Well I guess not.


Dear Busy Girl,

Don’t you see how many blessings you have

How you brighten up others days

While darkening your own

Which is so depressing when you think about it.


Dear Busy Girl,

Who is now crying

I want to do something

But I don’t know what to do

Why is this even happening at all?


Dear Busy Girl,

Just stop

Stop feeling sorry for yourself

Stop pushing others away

And learn to love those who love you.


Hatred of the Better

With eyes that shine so bright

With a mouth that grins so wide

How could anyone hate you?


You’re as close to perfection as anyone could get

But that’s the thing.

Everyone loathes those who have it better than them.


That’s so sad.

And ridiculous.

But is it really?

Editor’s Note:  Did you write some poetry that you would like to share with the world?  Send it in an email to lbezich@etusd.org  for consideration to be published in our school newspaper.

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