Awesome Threesome: Two Speakers And A Singer Take Center Stage

Amanda M. and Ninabella G. will be speaking at this year’s 8th Grade Promotion ceremony.  Tryouts were held and students were asked to write and give their speeches to a panel of teachers and staff members.  Thank you to all who took the risk and tried out.  We are proud of all of you.

“I decided to try out to speak at Promotion because I enjoy public speaking,” said Amanda M. (Amanda has also been “The Voice” for RMS this year as she reads the bulletin every morning.  Thank you, Amanda.)

“I chose to try out for speaking at the Promotion because I feel I have something to say,” said Ninabella G.  (We look forward to hearing what that “something” is, Ninabella.  Thank you for doing this for the Class of 2013.)


Besides holding auditions for speakers, auditions were also held for singers and musicians performing the National Anthem.  Thanks to all who tried out.  Alex D. will have the honor of singing this year.

“I love to sing.  I have never had lessons.  I just tried out because I thought it would be fun,” said Alex D.  (Thank you, Alex, for sharing your talent.  We look forward to hearing your lovely voice at the Promotion.)


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