Journalism Students Work Together In A New Way

This year, The Latest Hiss is once again making history.  In the past, this school newspaper has been printed and two years ago it went online.  Also in the past, Journalism has been a class with only 7th and 8th Graders. In the last couple of years, this class was actually a lunchtime club.

This year, The Latest Hiss is a class consisting of forty Sixth Graders.  These students are part of the Sixth Grade Enrichment Wheel.  They will be in Journalism for ten weeks and then will move on to one of three other courses.

In the meantime, students are learning everything from how to interview to how to get an article published.

The following pictures are of students during team building games and learning how to interview fellow students using iPads.

If you are a Sixth Grader, you will most likely have this class this year.  If you are a 7th or 8th Grader and would like to write for the newspaper, please let Mrs. Leslie Bezich in Room 31 know.  She is always collecting articles, photos, and artwork to be published in The Latest Hiss.

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