My Summer Vacation

By Seventh Grader Jocelyn H.

How did students spend their summer? Here are some of the adventures the Journalism students had over the break.

Lake Tahoe

“There was the family reunion in Lake Tahoe, and it was a blast!”

– Clarissa L.

“When we got there, we went straight to the pool, and it had a waterslide. I went on it like a hundred times.” – Daphne B.

Wilson Park

“I haven’t biked in awhile, so we went to go practice at Wilson Park.” – Tea T.



“Then, I went and I saw it: the Eiffel Tower.” – Tylin B.

“I got to see the Eiffel Tower at night while the lights were flickering, and got to learn about when Hitler walked his men through the Arch of Triumph.” – Olivia K.

“I was a little nervous about going to France alone, but I went on the airplane with my two best friends Evan and Julie, so I felt better.” – Annabelle B.


“We even went snorkeling and saw five sea turtles.” – Madeline E.

Lake Powell

“We jet skied, rafted, wake surfed, jumped off the top deck of the boat, jumped off rocks, hiked, paddled, and so much more.” – Ellie D.

Lake Cuchuma

“My favorite part of camping was going kayaking with my cousins.” – Thea D.

Los Angeles, Dodger Stadium

“My dad and I went to a Dodgers VS Rays baseball game, and the Dodgers won 6-0.”

-Brendan H.


“This summer, I went to Legoland and Legoland Water Park.” – Mark S.

“There was a lot of Legos, so that is why it is called Legoland.” – Alaa K.


“During my summer vacation, I went to a sleep away camp with the YMCA.” – Michelle C.


Torrance Beach

“JG’s (Junior Lifeguards) always makes my summer really fun.” – Bailey L.

“My favorite thing we did during Junior Lifeguards was the paddleboarding.” – Casey S.


“This summer I went to Camarillo to play a soccer tournament.” – Alex J.

Kern River

“This summer I went to Kern River.” – Allison P.

Mammoth Lakes

“Mammoth was super fun because we got to go fishing.” – Anna R.


“This summer, I flew to Taiwan and had a long and boring flight, but it was all worth it when we got there.” – Ryan L.


“I went to Chicago for my cousin’s wedding.” – Aisha A.

Anaheim, Knott’s Soak City

“I rode the yellow and white slide, went on the Lazy River, and the Wave Pool.” – Diego W.

Carson, CA

“When it was time to blow some fireworks, I was excited, and we saw some beautiful fireworks.”

– Katelynn M.

Raging Waters

“We went to Raging Waters, and it was so much fun. First, we went on the water racer, and then we went on a lot of other rides.” – Norah M.

San Francisco

“I liked going to was Pier 39.” – Daniel W.

Virginia Beach

“I went to Virginia Beach with my mom’s side of the family.” – Aiden L.

Washington D.C.

“There were many cool things like the monuments and the White House.” – Mitch C.


“Over the summer, I had to learn a new language because I was going to Iran.” – Navid H.

Leo Carrillo Beach

“Boogie boarding was really fun, but our only problem was how cold the water was.” – Jake V.

Las Vegas

“I went to a show by Cirque du Solei and David Copperfield.” – Arash E.

Dodger Stadium

Los Angeles, Dodger Stadium

“My dad and I went to a Dodgers VS Rays baseball game, and the Dodgers won 6-0.”

-Brendan H.

Amusement Park

“When went to an amusement park together to a ride called Chaos with my older cousins.”- Hisham A.


“Our team was so good that we beat all the teams in the West and moved to the World Series!”- Liam L.

New York

“While in New York, we went to the 9/11 Memorial and saw where the Twin Towers once stood.”- Denton L.

Los Angeles, Staples Center

“I went to Taylor Swift’s Red Tour Concert on August 23rd.”

Kayleigh F.

Costa Rica

“In early August, my family went on a vacation to Costa Rica for eight days.” – Nolan A.

“I saw so many interesting animals.” – Jakab G.

San Diego

“I went to San Diego with my family, and it was a blast.” – Andrew R.

Trip from Florida to California

“We drove over 3,000 miles!” – Jordan L.



“A week after my brother’s birthday party, we went to Florida.” – Chris V.

 Trip from Ohio to California

“ Summer started with me moving to sunny California

from Ohio.” – Dominick S.


“I had lots of fun playing with my teammates and making friends from my team.” -Shane C.

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