Meet Sixth Grader, Ellie D.

Ellie D. J

By Madeline E.

Do you know someone that wants to go to Australia? Do you know someone who is a 6th Grader at RMS? Well, her name is Ellie D. She is a very funny and nice girl.  Her favorite two foods are “Caprese” and “Brownies.”  (Caprese is a salad of tomatoes, mozzarella and basil.)

“My dream vacation spot would be Australia, because I love the water and animals, so cuddling a koala and swimming in the Great Barrier Reef sounds cool to me,” said Ellie.

The schools that Ellie has attended were Town and Country and Riviera Elementary School.  She is now attending Richardson Middle School and will be going to South High School in three years.  She would like to attend at UCSB College, which is in Santa Barbara.

 “I love dancing, swimming, going to the beach, and hanging out with my friends,” said Ellie. As a matter of fact Ellie spent all of July being a Junior Lifeguard.

Ellie has a great personality and wants to live a great and happy life!

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