Rattlesnake Pit Lures Rattlesnakes

Have you seen the walls in the RMS Cafetorium, which has been renamed the “Rattlesnake Pit”?  They have been painted and new decals have been added to the windows. Food and Nutritional Services, Lynette Rock worked along side Designer/Contractor Richard Ford from Food Court Design Group over the summer to design and decorate the eating hall.

This past spring, students in the Leadership Class put together three proposals for the new design.  Once the new design was chosen, Rock and Ford went to work.

Rock has helped Caismir and South as well as other schools get cafe facelifts. The idea is that if there is a “cool” place for kids to eat, they will come back time and time again and enjoy lunch with their friends. If the crowds are any indication, it seems to be working at RMS.

Thanks to Lynette Rock, Richard Ford, Principal Chad Mabery, and last year’s Leadership Class Students, people will enjoy the Rattlesnake Pit for years to come.

Here are some tips for eating lunch in the Rattlesnake Pit…

1. Be patient and polite.  There are a lot of kids trying to get their lunch. Stand in line and wait your turn.

2.  Be sure you have enough money in hand or on your card.  If not, this will slow down the line.

3.  Take only the condiments and plasticware you plan to use.

4.  Clean up after yourself.  Be sure to throw your trash in the trashcans.  After all, as Shelley often says,”Cinderella no longer lives here!”

4.  Be nice to the lunch ladies. (Toni Scott, Elisa Beltran, and Brittany Goodrich) They work hard for the students and deserve your respect!

5.  Enjoy the new Rattlesnake Pit!  It is a fun place to eat lunch with your friends.

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