Scrumptious Souplantation


By Ryan L.

Have you ever heard of a restaurant that you can chose your own food, combinations, and more? One of those great restaurants is Souplantation. Once in the building, great delicious smells crowd the building and make a appetite. Among some of the choices my favorites are Caesar salad, croutons, beets, ranch sauce and more. Once you pay a low price of $4.99 per child or $9.00 per adult, there are even more options to from which to choose. Every week they change the menu a bit for “taste the world” where you can taste different foods from around the world. Many different options include a wide variety of soups and pastas.

They have different types of bread such as the juicy garlic bread, a wide selection of muffins, and pizza. These extra foods do not cost an single extra cent. The bread can sometimes change between blueberry muffins and corn muffins. Butter is located on the top of the baked potatoes. The baked potatoes are near the soup and include onions, sour cream, and cheese shredding. They also make small pizza slices and pieces of garlic bread.

Many people know that dessert is the best part for them in restaurants, so Souplantation has just the right thing for you. They have a dessert bar for when your finished with your meal, consisting of ice cream, mousse, and Jell-O. They may change between mousse and more Jell-O from time to time but it mostly consists of a wide variety. The most popular dessert is the ice cream, which has three separate flavors and many different toppings. You can get as much ice cream as you want but can you finish all it?

Drinks or water can be ordered when paying, drinks having to be paid for, water being free. Some foods in line cost extra money, so keep an eye out so you wont have to pay extra for something you didn’t want.

Souplantation is a comfy place to relax with your friends and taste new foods you may have not tried yet.  Go to the Souplantation for a fun dining experience. It is located on Hawthrone, next to the Red Lobster in “Restaurant Row”.  

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