90 Minutes To Win

soccer ball

By Jordan L.

Soccer is the sport that involves your feet, head, hands, and chest. The objective of soccer is to get your team with the ball on the other team’s side of the field and get past the goalie (shoot on the goalie) and score. Each goal is worth one point. There are eleven people on the field (each team) and there are substitutes. There is ninety minutes in each game and it keeps going back and forth for ninety minutes and the team with the most points wins!

Dribbling: When you use your two feet to move the ball close to you.

Goals: Are points when you shoot the soccer ball into the goal.

Shooting: When you use the side of your big toe and kick the ball.

Passing: When you use the side of your foot to kick the ball to a player.

Offside: When the other team is on the other team’s side and that team player is behind the other team’s last play behind the rest of them.

Booking: When you get a yellow card or red card.

Goalkeeper: The player that is inside the goal and when the other team shoots the ball at the goal the goalkeeper tries to block it the keeper is the only player that can touch the ball with his/her hands.

Strikers: The two to three players that are near the other team’s goalkeeper and if they get the ball they can shoot it.

Midfielders: The four players that are at midfield and if the other team has the ball and they are coming towards them they defend midfield.

Defenders: The four to five players that are near their goalkeeper and they defend that area around the goal.

Soccer is a wonderful sport that anybody can play. People don’t have to be the best at soccer to play, you just have to work hard and have fun!

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