Need Help? Ask A Teacher!

Here, on the RMS campus, teachers are available several days and times a week to help students.  If you are in need of one on one instruction, take advantage of these “gifts” of time from your teachers.  Just remember, “There is no such thing as a dumb question unless you don’t ask it!”

Teacher’s Name           Room             Subject

Bezich                            31         ELA/Journalism

Available every day by appointment and after school most days until 3:30PM.


Carlsson                         30          ELA

Available any day by appointment.


Carroll                                  14          Science

Available Monday and Wednesday until 3:15PM, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday until 3:45PM.

Case                               8               Math/Science

Available after school most days until 3:30PM.


Conner                           20                ELA

Available any day by appointment.


Fujii                                14                Math

Available most days with an appointment at lunch or after school.


Hirji                                  6               ELA/Study Skills

Available half and hour before or after school and by appointment.


Holtz                                21              Social Studies

Available at Snack and most days after school by appointment.


Kamiyama                        23              PE

Available by appointment.


Kissner                              22               Science

Available first period during his conference by appointment.


Mufti                                  10                Math

Available by appointment Monday-Thursday after school.


Newman                             9             ELA/Social Studies

Available before school (7:30-8:00AM) Thursdays at lunch and after school until 3:30PM.


Nakamura                          15               Math

Available at lunch by appointment.


Oden                                   23               PE

Available by appointment.


Pearlman                            26            ELA/Yearbook

Available always.  Most days before and after school.

My calendar is posted online:,c&gsessionid=AX1CivKvoLBWwwAA3p,3Q


Petito                                  27               Tech/STEM/Enrichment 6/Art 8

Available by appointment.


Richmond                            12              Social Studies

Available Tuesday through Thursday after school until 3:20PM.


Rodriguez                            16              Algebra 1

Available Tuesdays and Thursdays at lunch pending school activities.


Sheu                                     12            Science

Available Tuesdays through Thursdays after school until 3:20PM.


Turner                                  7               Math/Science

Available by appointment at lunch.


Willett                        2 and 28           Choir/Band/Life Management

Available after school on Monday for Woodwind Class, Tuesday for Brass Class,  Wednesday for Percussion Class, and by appointment from 3:00 until 4:00PM.


Yu                                      16               Social Studies

Available most days after school until 3:30PM with the exception of Thursdays or by appointment.



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