Video Game Review: League Of Legends

By Daniel W.

League of Legends (LOL) is a fast-paced, RTS and RPG game. RTS stands for Real Time Strategy and RPG stands for Role Playing Game. Two teams of champions, the character you are playing as, battle across different battlefields and game modes. Every champion is different in both looks and abilities. The game is filled with champions of every type, from EVIL masterminds to EPIC monsters and everything in between. Different champions have different roles and strategies. Try a different one if one champion isn’t easy for you to play.League Legends

“This is a really great game!” said Sixth Grader Theo V.

League of Legends is ideal for people that like platformer games. There are constant patches and new champions coming out for you to buy with IP or RP. IP is game money you earn after you play a game. For impatient rich players, you can buy RP with real money to unlock champions and champion skins.

“My favorite champion is Brand, a guy who uses fire magic!” said Sixth Grader EJ M.

Use strategic thinking, fast reflexes and teamwork to destroy your enemies in both small three vs three battles and big five vs five all out wars. You have to be smart in your head and in reflexes to conquer this game. To move your character, right click on the map where want to go.

To attack an enemy, right click the target. It will have a red outline and you will start auto attack. To cast a spell, use the spell’s hotkey and click on the targets. The hotkeys are Q, W, E, and R unless you change them.

There are three roads called lanes; they are the main ways of leveling up and killing enemy champions in the lane. Minions travel along these paths. To win a game you have to push your lane down into enemy soil and destroy the nexus at right next to their base.

In a game of LOL, your champion gets gold by taking down enemies, turrets, and inhibitors. Getting the final blow on a minion or champion, assisting a teammate kill an enemy champion, and getting special runes or items are some ways you can get extra gold other than the default one gold per second. You can use gold to buy items from the shop next to the place where you spawn.

Click on the shop or the button next to your total gold to open the shop. Items grant bonuses as soon as they’re bought so you don’t even need to equip them! It’s very convenient for all players right? You can only have six items though. Different champions and play styles sync better with different item combos, so what you buy will affect your entire strategy and game.

The best items are made by combining smaller items, so buy the smaller pieces when you have sufficient gold. Usable items such as potions, and wards are used by clicking on the icon in your inventory or by clicking the hotkeys numbers one–six.

Between the lanes is an area called the jungle, an area filled with neutral monsters. These monsters won’t attack the enemy base, but they can be killed for extra gold and buffs. They attack whoever attacks them. A player can be a jungler and use these camps or areas as their source of gold. Junglers usually run around between the lanes, going to help their allies in their lane when needed.

To enter live stranger PvP, press the red Play button at the middle-top of the game client, and then select your game type from the options that follow. After you’ve selected your map, you can either have the system find teammates for you, or you can choose to invite your “friends” and fill in the vacant spots on the team.

WARNING: This allows you to play with strangers. But, most of the people are very respectful in this game environment.

There are three different maps. The biggest map is Summoner’s Rift in terms of size because it allows five players versus another five players. It has three lanes. Each lane is guarded by three turrets, one inhibitor, and minions. The nexus is guarded by two turrets only. Both sides of the map have humungous jungles with monsters you can defeat for extra gold and powerful buffs.

If you enjoy video games, this one is full of excitement and action.

It is rated T for TEEN.  Parental approval is advised.

League Legends Teen Sign

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