RMS Welcomes AP Schenkelberg

By Jocelyn H.

Did you know that Mrs. Katherine Jean Griffith Schenkelberg, or Richardson’s new Assistant Principal, lived in Japan for a year? Most students do not know much about her, so here are some facts that she would like to share.

Schenkelberg attended school in Victor Elementary, Bert Lynn Middle School, West High School, and UCLA.  Go Bruins! Septem,ber 28 2013 252

As an Assistant Principal, she “supports students academically and socially.” Also, she wants to continue to find ways for students to get more involved on campus.

If she weren’t an Assistant Principal, she would “be a professional photographer or a scuba dive instructor.”

In her spare time, Schenkelberg plays with her daughter (age 3), reads, does yoga, and takes photos of things. One her pet peeves is being late. Her favorite book is The Secret Garden. In addition, her favorite color is purple and she likes to travel to Catalina Island.

Her favorite television shows is So You Think You Can Dance, and her favorite movie is Star Wars. Schenkelberg’s favorite food is sushi. Some interesting facts about her are that she loves to travel, and she really likes playing board games.

Schenkelberg has only been here a couple of months, but is enjoying her new position.

“I love it so far! The RMS staff, parents and students have been so welcoming and friendly! I’m grateful to be here,” said Schenkelberg.

Get to know Schenkelberg by going up to her and starting a conversation.  She loves getting to know new people.

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