Stage Play Review: Wicked

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By Aiden L.

Wicked is a musical about the Wizard of Oz from the Wicked Witch’s point of view. In the play, Elphaba, the Wicked Witch herself, is in college. She isn’t really wicked or evil, people just discriminate her because her skin is green.

Guhlinda (yes, not Glinda as you’re probably used to, but Guhlinda) is the rich, pretty, popular girl in school, although she’s not very smart.

Elphaba is a straight A student, but her father only let her go to college to watch after her white skinned sister, her father’s obvious favorite, who is crippled and in a wheel chair. However, the magic teacher, Madame Morrible, discovers that Elphaba has great magical potential, and accepts her as a private student.

Guhlinda wanted that opening, and the girls become enemies. When they get stuck as roommates, even more trouble ensues. Although they start off hating each other’s guts, through many silly, sad, even “wicked” songs, the girls are led to loathing, friendship, ultimate betrayal, and redemption. The songs and the story of Wicked will change your perspective on the Wizard of Oz forever.

Editor’s Note:  Wicked is no longer playing in Los Angeles.  However, if you have never seen the original Wizard of Oz on stage, it is currently playing at the Pantages Theatre.  For more information go to

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If you are a traditionalist, the original movie may also be rented from Netflix or borrowed from several teachers on the RMS campus.

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