Carlsson Treated To Cambodia Cuisine


By Jocelyn H.

Do you know anyone who won a spelling bee twice, once in the fourth grade and another one in the sixth grade? It is the new Seventh and Eighth Grade English Teacher Mr. Andrew Thomas Carlsson.

Carlsson attended Los Naranjos Elementary School, Venado Middle School, Woodbridge High School, San Francisco State University, and Pepperdine Graduate School.

Carlsson is enjoying working at RMS.

“[The best part of teaching is] building relationships, being able to continue learning, and the fact that no two days are the same,” said Carlsson.  He goes on to describe Richardson Middle School  like a “beautifully woven tapestry”.

One of Carlsson’s pet peeves is when a driver in the inside lane of a two-lane left turn floats to the outside lane.  This forces people to be cautious drivers because you never know what another person might do behind the wheel of a car.

If he weren’t a teacher, Carlsson would research and write historical non-fiction books or be a travel photographer for National Geographic Magazine.

In Carlsson’s spare time, he enjoys being with his girlfriend and two dogs.  He enjoys reading, writing, playing the guitar, learning new things, and cooking vegetarian cuisine.

Carlsson’s favorite book is John Adams by David McCullough, and he likes the color blue. His favorite vacation spot is Koh Samui, Thailand.

Another favorite pastime of this teacher’s is watching Seinfeld reruns. His favorite movie is The Goonies.  He likes eating Indian food. He also likes playing Words with Friends on the computer.

One of this new teacher’s most special moments was when he stayed in a small village in Cambodia and the resident cook prepared turtle soup and served it in the shell! You will have to ask him how it tastes or if he even tried it at all.

Good thing Carlsson didn’t choose to be a photographer or a writer because RMS is certainly glad for him to be here.  Welcome Mr. Carlsson!

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