All A’s For Bailey


By Annabelle B.

Did you know that Bailey L. earned straight As in Fifth Grade? Although Bailey is good at every subject, she says math is entertaining because of the challenge.

“I love math because I’m never bored in math class, I always have something to do,” said Bailey.

Bailey also stated that if she was a teacher she would be a math teacher so the kids would experience what she experienced in middle school.

One of Bailey’s favorite things to do on her spare time is swimming.

“I’m good at it, and I love the feeling of the water,” said Bailey.

Her relaxing dream vacation would be watching Pitch Perfect while eating pasta and sausage in Hawaii.

Three things she wants us to know about her is, she likes to sing in the shower because she gets nervous in public.  She is shy when she first meets someone and enjoys hanging with her friends. She is an average sized girl, with hazel brown eyes, wears glasses, and now braces.

Try to make friends with her; she is super friendly, really nice, and funny!

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