Annabelle B. Flips For Gymnastics

Annabelle B.

By Bailey L.

Do you know a girl who is a great gymnast? I do, her name is Annabelle B. Annabelle is a Sixth Grade student at Richardson Middle School. She has just enjoyed her first week in middle school.

“I love having six teachers and the Red Cart at school!” said Annabelle.

Annabelle has two sisters, one is older and the other is younger.

“It is exhausting being the middle child,” said Annabelle.

Although, she loves her family with all her heart, no matter what!

She is very committed to gymnastics. Every day after school she goes to the gym for four hours. In all, she spends eleven hours every week doing gymnastics. Annabelle competes all around the United States. She finds Gymnastics is tiring, but fun!

In her spare time Annabelle loves to hang out with friends, go to the beach and swim at her grandma’s pool.

Next time you see Annabelle, say hi because she is an awesome person to know.

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