Meet Sixth Grader, Tylin B.

Tylin B.

By Olivia K.

Do you like going out to get ice cream? Sixth Grader Tylin B. does.  She loves to get ice cream after a hard day at school.  Her favorite place to get ice cream is McDonald’s.

She has attended Town and Country Preschool, Riviera Elementary School, and has now been at Richardson Middle School for a little over a week.

“If I weren’t a student would be spending my time designing cartoons,’’ said Tylin.

After school, Tylin enjoys cheering at South High and doing Musical Theater.

“In my free time I also like inviting friends to come down to the beach with me,’’ said Tylin.

Some of her pet peeves are her older brothers, listening to her baby sister screaming, and waking up early in the morning.

Some of her favorite things are the movie Nomeo and Juliet, food steak with mashed potatoes and  the television show Adventure Time.  Her favorite vacation spot Paris and her favorite color is blue.

A couple more things Tylin would like you to know about her is she loved seeing the Eiffel Tower, eating macaroons, and playing with her baby sister, Margaux.

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