Future RMS PE Teacher: Jakob G.

JakobBy Ryan L.

Did you know that Jakob G. loves to watch Spongebob and play Solitaire in his spare time? He hates to watch long, boring commercials when he is watching TV. Jakob G. is currently eleven-years-old and loves to play baseball as a sport.

“Baseball is a great sport,” said Jakob G.

When he stops watching Spongebob, he plays a game of solitaire.

“Solitaire is fun to play when you’re bored,” said Jakob G.

The college he wants to go to when he grows up is UCLA. He likes to go to Costa Rica for a vacation spot. He likes the color purple and his favorite book is Wonder.

He attends Richardson Middle School and if he was a teacher there, he would want to teach PE. His favorite food is orange chicken.

Jakob G. is an athletic and sporty person with lots of great interests. ¬†Who knows? One day he just may be your child’s P.E. teacher.

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