Beach Hut Offers A Taste of Summer All Year Long

Beach Hut 1

By  Allison P.

The Beach Hut has the best deals for the best prices! They are located on 4322 Pacific Coast Highway (at Anza).  Besides a wide selection of entrees, they also have a friendly atmosphere. The workers work  hard to put smile on your face. The restaurant is owned by Angie Romero.

“The Hut”, nicknamed by the locals, have teriyaki chicken or beef bowls, breakfast burritos, hamburgers, pancakes, top ramen and even snow cones!

When you go to Beach Hut, there is always a person to greet you even if it’s a busy day. They are open Monday through Sunday from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm.

The Beach Hut has been open for more than twenty years. They started out in Hermosa, but then relocated in Torrance.

So when you go to Beach Hut, be sure to say “hi” to all the wonderful workers.

Beach Hut 2

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