Students Take Part In The Great Shakeout


Click on the link below to see the Earthquake Drill as it happened in ELA Teacher Andrew Carlsson’s class Period 3.

Edrill 3

Friday, October 18th, Richardson Middle School held its annual Earthquake Drill. Students were warned of the fake earthquake by Principal Mabery through the public service system.  Once the “shaking” had stopped, Mabery excused students from their classrooms to meet on the field. Once the students were on the field, staff members took their assigned positions.  Some were asked to stay with the kids, while others were asked to search the rooms for anyone who may need help.  After the rooms were searched and everyone was accounted for, Mabery excused the students back to their third period class.  The complete drill lasted twenty-five minutes.

“Overall the students were calm and knew what to do, that is to Duck, Cover and Hold!  Great job!” said Julie Yu, Social Studies Teacher and member of the Emergency Preparedness Committee.

The Emergency Preparedness Committee is composed of Principal Chad Mabery, Assistant Principal Katie Schenkelberg and Julie Yu.  There are parent volunteers who take inventory of the school’s emergency supplies and expiration dates.  Thanks to everyone who made this a successful drill.

Click on the link below to see the end of the drill.

Edrill 2


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