Meet Mark S.

Mark S

By Brendan H.

Do you Know Mark S.? If not, here is some information about him. He is an eleven-year-old Sixth Grader who goes to RMS. His favorite subjects are science and math. In his free time, he likes to read or play video games.

“If I was a teacher, I would like to teach science,” said Mark S.

His Favorites are as follows:

  • Movie- Man of Steal
  • Color- Blue
  • Food- Crab Who Ton
  • Book- Eragon
  • Vacation Spot- Bahamas
  • TV Show- Doesn’t have one

“Other stuff I like to do is swimming and biking,” said Mark.

In his opinion, the best part about school is “learning to get a good job”.

We look forward to seeing what job Mark chooses when he gets older.

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