Students Of The Month For September Honored

SOMNovemberStudents above were given the Student Of The Month Award from their Period 2 teachers.  Congratulations to all students who were honored.

Julia B. 6th

Ming Wei C. 6th

Antonia F. 6th

Kayleigh F. 6th

Clarissa L. 6th

Aubrey L. 6th

Victoria P. 6th

Connor R. 6th

Yosef A. 7th

Chloe B. 7th

James B. 7th

Helena S. 7th

Joelle S. 7th

Kaley T. 7th

Maryna B. 8th

Charles C. 8th

Jacob F. 8th

Anael M. 8th

Jada R. 8th

Kristen S. 8th

Megan Y. 8th

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