Kate Will Call Japan Home In The Near Future

J Katie

By Victoria P.

Do you know Kate M? Here are some things about her that you might find interesting.

She’s in Sixth Grade, eleven-years-old, and her birthday is February third. Kate has one older sister that’s in Eighth Grade but doesn’t attend Richardson.

She doesn’t have any pets.

“I would like to have a small dog,” said Kate.

Some of Kate’s favorites are math as her favorite subject, pink is her favorite color, dogs are her favorite animal, and her favorite candy is Crunch.

“Math is my favorite subject because it’s easy and I like to think,” said Kate.

Kate likes Japanese music and Ramen is her favorite food.

“I like Ramen because it’s hot, tastes good, and I think the noodles and soup is a good combination,” said Kate.

Kate was born in Torrance but her parents were born in Japan. Kate’s nationality is full Japanese and her favorite place to visit is Japan.

“Japan is my favorite place to visit because it’s different, the food is good, and all my relatives are there,” said Kate.

Kate’s favorite place to shop is Forever 21 and her lucky number is seventeen.

“I don’t know why my lucky number is seventeen I just think it’s special,” said Kate.

Kate has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. She has purple glasses and lives in a three story house.

“Outside of school, I like to play piano, line (text) with my friends, and eat watermelon,” said Kate.

Kate’s shoe size is about three to four and she went to Walteria Elementary.

Some final facts about Kate is that her favorite season is winter, she gets groceries at Ralphs, and in high school she’s moving to Japan.

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