Meet Katie C. The New Leonardo DaVinci


By Antonia F.

Do you know a girl who loves Minecraft? I do. Her name is Katie C. Katie is currently a Sixth Grader at Richardson Middle School. So far, Katie has enjoyed her time in middle school.

“I like moving to different classes and I enjoy how much fun it is here,” said Katie.

Katie has a couple of goals she would like to achieve this quarter.

“One of my main goals is to get better grades. I want all my grades to be final and all be above a C,” said Katie.

Katie’s favorite ice cream is Moose Tracks.

“I love Moose Tracks! It tastes like heaven!” said Katie.

Katie really likes video games. She loves many different kinds of games. A couple of Katie’s favorite games are Mario Brothers and Minecraft.

One of Katie’s favorite subjects is Science.

“I like Science because I think it’s really fun and cool to learn about the topics,” said Katie.

Katie does some pretty cool stuff after school. She likes to play with her pets. Katie has four cats and one dog.

Katie loves amusement parks. Her favorite is Knott’s Berry Farm.

Katie is an amazing artist. She has been drawing for over nine years. Since she was two, she knew that art would be her passion.

If you ever see Katie around make sure you say hi and ask her to draw something for you!

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