Nate Z. Has A Passion For Building


By Valerie Y.

Have you ever met someone with a lucky number of four? His name is Nate Z.

Nate is in the Sixth Grade at Richardson Middle School, where he feels there are more opportunities for him and many new things to learn, as opposed to his elementary school, Walteria, which he found more strict.

His favorite sports are baseball and basketball, which he has both played at different points in his life.

“They are really fun sports. I think it is also good for hand-eye coordination,” said Nate.

Even though he has lived in California his whole life, Nate liked driving through rural California and Oregon to reach Washington, his favorite vacationing spot. He finds it very natural and peaceful.

If you saw him listening to music, you could guess it would be Thrift Shop or Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

If  Nate had to choose a favorite movie, it would be Rambo III, an action movie and in his free time, he would be skateboarding or biking for fun.

When Nate hangs out with his friends, they like to build machines of sorts. He also enjoys building LEGOs, but doesn’t often.

“Well, I like to build things out of LEGO kits, but I don’t always have enough money to buy the kits,” said Nate.

Because of his interest in building and making things, Nate would like to pursue a career in engineering.

He also has plans to go to UCLA. Nate thinks it would be a good school because one of his teachers went there for college and he finds that teacher really smart.

Something you might not be able to guess is that he is Norwegian, Italian, German, and even has ancestors that go way back in American history!

Say hello to Nate when you see him in the halls.  You might just make a new friend.

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