Isaac V.: Break Dancer and Martial Arts Enthusiast

J Isaac

By Sydney V.

Did you know that Isaac V. is a Sixth Grader who likes Komodo Dragons?

Isaac was born in Torrance, California on November 27.

His dream vacation would be in Texas eating chili cheese fries with grilled onions while reading The House of Hades.

His favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because it is close to his birthday.

Did you know that Isaac goes to Texas every year on the fourth of July to visit his family and friends?

Isaacs’s favorite video games are Minecraft and Need for Speed. His favorite amusement park is Six Flags Magic Mountain and his favorite ride there is Full Throttle. Isaacs’s favorite subject in school is P.E. because he likes to exercise.

Isaac hopes to get on Honor Roll this quarter or any quarter.

Isaac is Hispanic and his favorite color is blue.

Isaacs’s favorite movie is G.I.Joe the second movie. His favorite book series is Mark of Athena and so far The House of Hades. Isaac does not have a favorite sports team because he does not like to watch sports.He also does not have a favorite a favorite number because there are too many and he likes them all.

Isaac enjoys break dancing and martial arts.

When he grows up, Isaac wants to be a professional break dancer or he wants to be a martial arts master.

“The reason I do martial arts is because I want to protect myself just in case,” said Isaac.

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