Audrey T. Has The Need For Speed

J Audrey

By Landon R

Do you want a loyal and joyful friend? Well Audrey T. is not only loyal and joyful, she loves to play basketball, piano, read, and ride fast roller coasters.

Audrey has some goals in school.

“I would like to get straight A’s and make my family happy,” said Audrey.

Audrey T. likes to read in her free time and she LOVES ice cream. When she grows up she wants to be a pharmacist.

“I want to  be a pharmacist because they can get paid a lot of money,” said Audrey.

Her favorite subject is social studies. It’s her favorite because Audrey thinks it’s easy to get good grades.

Her favorite movie is Gravity and her favorite book is Poppi.

“My favorite movie is Gravity because of the graphics and the story, My favorite book is Poppi because it is very fun to read,” said Audrey.

Her favorite color is purple, but she has  “absolutely have no clue.”

Her favorite ride at an amusement park is  Ghost Rider at Knotts Berry Farm because “it is very fast”.

Did you know her favorite holiday is Christmas ?

“Christmas is my favorite holiday because I really enjoy spending time with my family and opening gifts.”

Audrey doesn’t have any pets, but if she could she would like to have a Maltese-poo.

If you think eating pizza and ice cream, listening to pop music and studying are fun, I think you and Audrey T. would make great friends!

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