Meet Terrific Thea

By Michelle C.

Do you know someone who still loves The Little Mermaid? Dorothea D. does. Dorothea’s nickname is Thea and she was born on October 24th. The schools that she has attended are Riviera Elementary and Richardson Middle School (RMS). She is currently in Sixth Grade at RMS and is ten years old. She attended Riviera from kindergarten through fifth grade and this is her first year at RMS. Her favorite subject is science.

When she was asked what is one of her pet peeves she replied, “Talking on the phone and then being interrupted.”

Her favorite book is ChainsĀ and her favorite TV show is Adventure Time. She likes the color mint green and enjoys staying at Maui, Hawaii for vacations. She loves eating spicy Cheetos and hot wings. Three things she wanted this audience to know about her is she loves taking pictures and drinking mango juice. Also, her favorite animal is a panda bear.

Thea has a lot of interests.

“I like to listen to lots of music. I like to play soccer with my team. I like to dance with my cousins,” said Thea.

Her favorite place to go at school is the Red Cart. She likes getting snacks and food from the Red Cart because they taste delicious.

She also said that she wouldn’t want to be homeschooled and likes Richardson.

Say hello to Thea today and make a new friend.

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