Hockey Sticks Take Place Of Flying Frisbees


By Ryan L.

On November 20th, Sixth and Seventh Graders who have Mr. Oden switched sports from playing with a Frisbee to street hockey and will be playing on the blacktop at the basketball courts closest to the wing with the huge M on it. They are changing sports because every three weeks, sports are changed to allow the students to learn new games.

Everyone is excited about street hockey with all the fun in rejecting goals or smashing them.

The way to play hockey is little complicated almost like football or baseball. First the main objective is to score more goals then the opposing team. To do it, you run down to the other side of the playing area and dribble the ball with the hockey stick. After you can decide to shoot the goal yourself or pass it to your teammates. Also to keep the other team from making goals you can steal the ball, block their shot, or hit it away.

“Hockey is a skillful sport,” said Sixth Grader Ian B.

Hockey is a skillful sport and needs a lot of practice. This skillful sport has you needing to have hand eye coordination, speed, and agility. In order to be good you need to be able to run fast, be able to hit the ball solidly, and you need to be able to be able to change, be able to dribble the ball, and turn direction very fast. Now, you know some tips and know the rules.

Mr. Oden’s Classes, have fun in PE playing Street Hockey.

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