Grade Level Assemblies Held To Honor Students

On Monday, November 25th, Grade Level Assemblies were held to honor students who selected for Student of the Month for November and Honor Roll (Click on this link to find the list of  Honor Roll kids , Other awards given were Leading By Example and Making a Difference.  Congratulations to all of the students honored and we hope to add even more students next time.

Lead By Example                             

Gr. 6    Bezich Olivia K.                                 

This student helps people every day by being a role model to others. When

we were in need of newspapers, she volunteered to bring some from home

to share with the entire class. She helps keep people working hard and doing

the right thing. She is a pleasure to have in class and Leads by Example.

Congratulations, Olivia K.!

Gr. 6    Case    Katie R.                                  

This student comes to my classes every day with a great attitude, and

ready to learn. She works well with others, participate in class discussions

and activities with a smile on their face. Ms. Case’s class is a better place with

her in it! Congratulations, Katie R.!

Gr. 6    Kissner            Selina B.                                 

This student is a natural leader. She is very active in class participation.

She sets an excellent example for other students. Congratulations, Selina


Gr. 6    Newman         Halle H.                      

This student is an inspirational leader. She encourages others to do

their part in all that we do, by being responsible, an active participant,

and caring about others. She has the “leader spirit”. Congratulations,

Halle H.!

Gr. 6    Schenkelberg Gabby P.                                

This student stands up for others and encourages her classmates to do the

right thing. She has positive energy and is a role model for others.

Congratulations, Gabby P.!

Gr. 6    Turner Sam M.                      

This student is a natural leader. Students often look to her for help and

direction. She is responsible and can be counted on to get things done.

She makes Richardson a better place. Congratulations, Sam M.!

Making A Difference                             

Gr. 6    Case    Ryan N.                                  

This student walks in the door at the beginning of class smiling, and

prepared. He can be counted on to add to our class discussions, answer

and explain questions, and get things done. He is sometimes the only

one who can get that curtain in Ms. Case’s room to work! Congratulations,

Ryan N.!

Gr. 6    Hirji     Jeremy M.                              

This student is always willing to help others in class. He is kind to

everyone, and always demonstrates positive behaviors. Congratulations,

Jeremy M.!


Gr. 6    Kissner            Robert P.       

This student is a kind and thoughtful student. He always ask to help Mr.

Kissner and others in the classroom. Congratulations, Robert P.!

Gr. 6    Newman         Charlie T.                   

This student brightens the day, each and every day. His high spirits are

contagious and spreads through the classroom and makes it shine. He

makes a difference. Congratulations, Charlie T.!

Gr. 6    Richmond       Jennie D.                    

This student is such a positive addition in class. Her willingness to help

others, work in a group and participate is exemplary. Congratulations,

Jennie D.!

Gr. 6    Schenkelberg               JT M.                        

This student is such a kind, helpful person. He tries his best and positively

contributes to each group he is a part of. He always has nice things to

say. Congratulations, JT M.!

Gr. 6    Turner             Matt B.                                  

This student is an amazing kid. He is not only a wonderful student, but

he is a great friend to everyone. He is kind hearted and an excellent

role model. Congratulations, Matt B.!


Lead By Example                                                 

Gr. 7    Fujii     Kaley T.                      

This student is a leader both academically and socially. She works very hard

in Mr. Fujii’s math class and strives to learn more. She is also friendly,

energetic and fun to be around. She is a true leader in both Pre-Algebra

and Leadership. Congratulations, Kaley T.!

Gr. 7    Oden   Madeline C.               

This student is hard working and competitive (but always in a good way) and

always is encouraging and supporting their teammates.  She is also a very

good athlete. Congratulations, Maddie C.!

Gr. 7    Pearlman        Melanie K.                             

This student does not shy away from a challenge, even in the form of a

rambunctious and disorganized group! Instead, she combats the chaos with a

calm demeanor, encouraging everyone to systematically approach the

assignment, and ultimately, accomplish their goal. Congratulations,

Melanie K.!

Gr. 7    Richmond       Matthew T.                           

This student is a role model for the entire class. His positive attitude and

willingness to participate make them an exceptional example for others to

follow. Congratulations, Matthew T.!

Gr. 7    Willett            Amber W.                  

This student walks in the door at the beginning of class smiling and prepared

to start working. She can be counted on to lead their classmates, and

teammates with their great enthusiasm. Congratulations, Amber W.!

Making A Difference                             

Gr. 7    Daco    Namita W.                 

This student is always courteous, helpful, and caring in their relationships

with other students and faculty. Congratulations, Namita W.!

Gr. 7    Fujii     Ryan M.                     

This student is simply awesome to be around. They bring a positive attitude

to math class and supports others whenever they can. They are well-liked by

students and teachers, and they always give great effort. Congratulations,

Ryan M.!

Gr. 7    Oden   Kristen K.                               

This is a student who is very hard working and honest, always does the right

thing and will help other students any way they can. Congratulations,

Kristin K.!

Gr. 7    Pearlman        Emma L.                     

This student graciously assists their peers, without even realizing it–

including them in the conversation, making them feel welcome, and,

when necessary, subtly steering them toward success (academically,

behaviorally, and socially). Congratulations, Emma L.!

Lead By Example                             

Gr. 8    Conner            Tyler S.                       

This student is an excellent role model for all students. He has a positive

attitude and shows concern for other students. Congratulations, Tyler


Gr. 8    Daco    Matthew B.               

This student unselfishly helps others at school. He goes above and beyond

what is expected. He also demonstrate an ability to work with and

motivate others, have sound values, good judgment, a sense of fairness,

and has earned the respect of their peers. Congratulations, Matthew B.!


Gr. 8    Kamiyama      Daniel T.

This student is one of the few students that can always be found encouraging

their classmates, whether it is on the dreaded mile run, or during our daily

activity. He always strives to help others “do the right thing”.

Congratulations, Daniel T.!

Gr. 8    Sheu    Claudia B.                  

This student is always prepared to assist their peers and demonstrates

excellent effort in facilitating classroom activities. Congratulations,

Claudia B.!

Making A Difference         

Gr. 8    Bezich       Mikaela R.                       

This student is an amazing TA. She is always a step ahead of the teacher,

knowing  just what is needed to make the class run smoothly.  She see things

that need to be done without asking. She will make a wonderful teacher

some day, should they choose that profession. She Makes a Difference in

Room 31. Congratulations, Mikaela R.!

Gr. 8    Mufti            Jasmine E.                                 

This student sees where help is needed and without direction offers help to students.

She shows kindness when kindness is needed and support for students who need help

or attention. Congratulations, Jasmine E.!

Gr. 8    Willett            Elliott S.                                 

This student comes to class and Ms. Willett’s clubs with a great attitude, and

is always making things happen. Without this student, the music would fall

apart. Congratulations, Elliott S.!

Gr. 8    Yu        Kaitlyn V.                               

This student has consistently provided assistance to their seat partner

without hesitation or reservations, by helping them navigate the textbook

to find the answers, teaching them to use the headings and subheadings

as a guide. She makes a difference to her fellow peers and to teachers who

need a helping hand. Congratulations, Kaitlyn V.!

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